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To Whomever may read this,

“I am the sole survivor of a shipwreck. I have found myself stranded on a quite peculiar island. Though it seems this place is suitable for habitation, I rely on my wits to survive. I fear that without maintaining a fire, I will lose the struggle to keep the ravenous wildlife at bay…”

Crab cooking bootstrap island

Bootstrap Island is an intense, realistic VR survival game, inspired by “Robinson Crusoe” and other adventure novels.

As the sole survivor of a 17th-century shipwreck you must quickly learn and adapt to survive against vicious beasts, explore the island and improve your skills to discover the mysteries of the tropical island.


Intense roguelike

Short, intense, randomized sessions

Can I adapt to survive?

“The days felt too short, and the nights lasted an eternity…

Every day I must venture forth to find food and gather wood for the evening’s fire. Yet these wretched beasts haunt me still… Their attempts are ceaseless, and they know nothing but the hunger for mine own flesh… I must find new ways to fend them off, if I don’t adapt and plan, I fear their cunning will soon overtake me…”

Do I have the knowledge and skills?

“I knew nothing of peeling coconuts, nor the preparation of clams and crabs, or which of the enticing fruits may end my life with a slow and agonizing demise.

Each day the island is my instructor, and I ever the keen pupil. I have learnt of fashioning a fire, and becoming more resourceful. Perhaps yet, I do have some chance of surviving…”


Realistic survival

Strategy, skills, endurance


Dynamic story

Deep mechanics and narrative-driven gameplay

Do I know the tribal-traditions?

“I have stumbled upon a tribal totem deep in the jungle. My feeling that there was another presence on the island was true… I fear meeting the dwellers of this dreadful place… For what do I possess that they should permit me keep my life and welfare?

The demo was co-funded by the European Union.

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