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Bootstrap Island is an intense VR roguelike survival game currently in development by Maru VR.

As the sole survivor of a shipwreck in the 17th century, you must quickly learn to adapt and survive on a mysterious and ruthless island filled with deadly threats and secrets to explore.

Bootstrap Island is the most realistic survival adventure you can experience without putting your life in danger!

Key Features

  • A ruthless roguelike experience with short intense sessions
  • An immersive, yet comfortable VR adventure designed with minimal menus and natural feeling controls
  • A captivating narrative, set in a 17th century storybook atmosphere
  • A dynamic day and night cycle, with systems-based gameplay and realistic, detailed interactions
  • Randomized resources and consequence-based outcomes to your decisions



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About Maru VR

Maru VR is a leader in Estonian VR development, since 2016 they have produced around 40 location-based VR games and experiences. Currently Maru VR is developing their first full-featured premium VR game ‘Bootstrap Island’ – an intense VR roguelike survival game set in the 17th century.

Their goal is to push the boundaries of VR with new approaches to storytelling, interactive design, and gameplay in order to reach the medium’s full potential.

For more information about Maru VR visit: